Advisors: Why Might You Want to Become a Thought Leader

Advisors: Why Might You Want to Become a Thought Leader

There are many ways to position yourself as a thought leader but before I share one of those with you, let me clarify what the term ‘thought leader’ means. A thought leader is someone who is recognised as an authority in a specialised area.

For example, you may be a thought leader in the area of expatriates returning to Australia or a thought leader in the field of financial advice for divorced women; an area that is narrow in focus.

Why might you want to become a thought leader?

Being recognised as a thought leader can significantly help your advice business because you will be seen as a real expert and someone who knows how to help people [that suit your niche]. People will pay a significant fee for expert advice. If you wish, you can take it further and become a professional speaker, author and much more.

Word of warning – you can’t become a thought leader overnight, well not in the financial advice profession! Like all good things, it takes time, commitment and results.

Assuming you have all the right credentials one of the ways you can help position yourself as a thought leader is through conducting some research. By conducting the research and sharing your findings you show real insights and knowledge.

One of the simplest ways to conduct the research is to ask a question you know others are keen to know the answer of that hasn’t been widely published before. If you already have a defined niche, you could consider conducting the research with your existing clients.

In a profession that is growing and evolving, your ability to stay ahead of the pack is important; becoming a thought leader could be the perfect strategy for you.

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