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How to Achieve Total Client Engagement


How to Achieve Total Client Engagement

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In what may be our most organic podcast to date, Matt is joined by President and CEO of Pareto Systems, Duncan MacPherson. In addition to his incredible business, Duncan is also the author of “Advisor Playback” one of the most sought after books on the market when it comes to being a financial advisor.

In this uniquely style podcast, Duncan is excited to bring our listeners a consultation and actionable process, rather than a lecture.

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Matt and Duncan dive into the changing philosophy of advisor mindsets, along with the evolving process involved being a quality financial advisor.

Duncan offers an extensive understanding of these changing practices, along with reliable content you can execute in your current practice to ensure you’re working towards your future self. If you want to be satisfied with your business, and have satisified clients, you need to be practicing TOTAL CLIENT ENGAGEMENT. Duncan’s revolutionary system for considering client satisifaction may be the key to turning around your business. Listen today!


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