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10 Blog Article Topic Generators for Advisors


10 Blog Article Topic Generators for Advisors

There are many benefits to posting content regularly, but some days it can be a challenge to find a topic to write about.

Next time you are struggling to identify or develop content for your blog, try these 10 topic generators:

1. Keep a list when inspiration strikes. Find a system that works for you, whether that means carrying a notebook or keeping a list on your phone, to jot down an idea or notes when you think of them. When you don’t know what to write about, review your list for inspiration.

2, What’s trending? Search for trending topics on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Google that relate to your industry. For example, as April 15 nears, #taxstress could become a trending topic. As financial advisors, make the most of this with advice or services-focused blog articles.Make the most of your post by using appropriate hash tags when sharing it on social media networks.

3. What’s in the news? Newsjacking, compiling a blog article around a news story, can present an opportunity for you to provide a fresh take on topics in your area of expertise. Be careful not to  plagiarize the news article by citing and linking to your sources, and adding to or providing a fresh perspective.

4. What are other financial bloggers writing about? Follow and read other bloggers within the financial industry. You may have a a different perspective, or something new to add to the subject area.

5. Client FAQ. What questions do your clients commonly ask? Don’t pass off these questions and answers, regardless of how basic they may seem to you. Most likely there are many others seeking the same information.

6. Most requested services? What services do your clients seek most? Simple budgeting help? Write about it. Entry-level investing? Write about it. Retirement planning? Write about it. Look for different angles to the same topic.

7. What excites you? What gets you excited to go to work in the morning? For example, if you look forward to breaking down a client’s goals into manageable tasks, share your methods in a blog article.

8. Revisit and old blog article. If you have been blogging for awhile, look to your archives for inspiration. Is there outdated information that could be updated in a new article? You’ll be surprised how often going through archives sparks new topic ideas.

9. Consider using Hubspot’s blog topic generator. Enter keywords for your area of expertise and receive topic ideas. Buyer beware: you know your audience better than anyone. If a topic doesn’t seem to fit with your reader base, tweak it or skip it.

10. Hire it out. There are many sources online – including Advisor Web Marketing – where you can hire an experienced writer to compile an article on your chosen topic.

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How do you identify blog article topics? What tools have you used?

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