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Three Actions to Identify How Influential You Are


Three Actions to Identify How Influential You Are

Many people believe that if they think they are a certain way (i.e., a good driver or an effective communicator), then it must be true.

All too often, leaders mistakenly believe that if they believe they are influential, then others perceive them the same way. This problem is compounded by the fact that few people are willing to give leaders honest feedback about their influence, or lack thereof. As a result, they take their level of influence for granted.

The vice president of sales for a large organization recently told me, “I’ve been doing [sales presentations] a long time. I’m always comfortable. I never get nervous when I present.” I quickly pointed out that comfort doesn’t equal influence!

Just because you feel confident, credible and knowledgeable (and the person sitting across the table from you is shaking his or her head “yes”) does not mean you are influential. The proof is in the other person’s actions. Will they do what you want them to do – buy your product or service, accept your recommendation, and follow your lead?

REALITY: Influence is evidenced by results

How influential are you? Ask someone TODAY (whom you trust will tell you how it is): 

  1. How do you perceive me?
  2. Is my communication behavior consistent?
  3. What do you recommend I change with my communication?

Take action on the answers you receive to begin growing your influence!

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