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6 Reasons Why Business Owners Should be Active in Developing Leadership Abilities


6 Reasons Why Business Owners Should be Active in Developing Leadership Abilities

Not all startup CEOs, founders, investors, board members and other people involved in business openly acknowledge the necessity of professional leadership development, which is a huge missed opportunity for themselves and their organizations as well.

Business founders and startup CEOs, in particular, shouldn’t wait to be required to do this. They must think of their own development as a necessity and a worthwhile investment. They shouldn’t wait for their jobs to be threatened before they engage in any professional development undertaking.

The following are the six reasons why business owners and leaders should be active in developing their leadership abilities:

1. Leadership development is effective

According to research, organizations with holistic leadership programs and a developmental mindset are more likely to outperform other organizations without such. That explains why more and more companies are investing in leadership programs in an aim to boost not only their leaders’ capacity to lead, but also to put the company in a better position to grow.

2. Leadership can be taught and learned

It’s not about whether or not leaders are made or born. Instead, it’s about knowing what attributes great leaders have that make them effective in their roles. Leaders are not superheroes born with superpowers. They are who they are because of their personal courage, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their failures.

3. Observing leadership is not enough

Learning may also take place through observation, but still, there’s a huge gap between seeing and actually doing something. Unfortunately, very few organizations and people tackle this issue seriously. Instead of merely observing or watching how someone leads, you should be in a position where you can actually become a leader. That way, you will know how it actually feels to be accountable and responsible.

4. Many investors and board members do not have good leadership skills

The sad truth is that not every individual in the boardroom knows enough about leadership. Many of them may have experience as professionals or executives, but that does not guarantee that they have what it takes to become effective leaders.

5. Being a leader means being powerful

Many business leaders still feel uncomfortable with the intense power that leaders possess. They usually pay attention only on the personal responsibilities of being a leader without realizing that they have to show their leadership capacity by balancing, exercising and containing the power that comes with their role.

6. The past can’t be used as a basis for making the future

A common mistake by business leaders is leading the company using totally the same principles they used before they became entrepreneurs. While it’s important to hang on to the same principles you had when you were starting to build your business, but embracing change and adapting to new trends is vital in great leadership as well.

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