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Career Planning: Common Barriers That Prevent You from Succeeding



Do you feel like now is the right time to take your career to the next level? If so, why aren’t you doing anything about it? Perhaps it’s because there are barriers standing in your way and keeping you from achieving something greater.

Barriers are just imaginary obstacles that prevent you from doing things. Although these barriers are abstract or imaginary, they often seem so real that you think you’re actually experiencing them. To overcome this, you must learn to acknowledge your own fears whenever you choose to resist anything. Once you gain an understanding of your fears, you will be better prepared to move on and with confidence.

These are the common barriers many of us have to deal with:


Time is something you have to give yourself. Many people tend to think too much about others and other people’s needs that they forget what they need. Focusing too much on other people is exhausting, and it can leave you not having enough time for yourself. It requires conscious effort so you can have enough time for yourself.

Fear of Change

Change is often very scary, so many of us prefer the status quo. Ironically, these people say that they will do whatever it takes for them to achieve success, but they are not willing to get out of their comfort zone.

Success often comes to those who are open to change, especially change for the better. It takes a lot of risk and determination for you to take a huge step towards finding a good job and a fulfilling career. And after you have reached success, you just can’t stop there. You have to keep seeking ways to be better, and this could again require change.

Fear of Failure

Nobody wants to fail, so it’s safe to say that so many of us just choose not to try for them to avoid the possibility of failure. It’s quite normal to hesitate to do something, but having too much fear can be paralyzing. There is no way you can be guaranteed of good results for every decision that you make. Failure is part of life and everybody gets to experience one in their life. The only thing that sets successful people apart is their ability to overcome their fears and do what they think they should do to achieve their goals.

Lack of Support

For you to be successful in your job or career, you need support. When you obsess about doing something alone, it is likely that you’ll end up having setbacks and staying right where you were. Thus, it is important that you also learn to value your relationships with other people, including your family, friends, colleagues and everyone in your network. You might be surprised someday that one of them will be key to your career planning success.

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