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Do You Follow These 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals?


Do You Follow These 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Every successful entrepreneur has one important common characteristic: They have goals and use them to achieve desired results.

I often say, “Without goals, you are like a ship without a rudder, constantly at the mercy of the winds, waves and currents.”

Two important components of success are that you first must know where you are; and second, have a clear idea of where you want to get to, that is, your goal.

The bottom line is very simple: Winners spend a great deal of time thinking about what they want and what they have to do to achieve it.

So, how do you go about setting and achieving goals?

Follow these 5 steps to get you started:

  1. Goals must be specific, measurable, achievable and realistic, and have a time deadline.
  2. Identify the resources you will need to achieve the goal; this can include help from others.
  3. Identify what obstacles you might encounter (and how you will handle them) that could prevent you from achieving your goal.
  4. Identify one to three ways that you could achieve your goal; then, pick the best way to move forward.
  5. Identify all of the tasks you will need to undertake, and organize them based on your timeline. Remember, a number of little things done correctly and consistently will result in big successes.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is, but setting and achieving your goals requires the discipline to stay committed to seeing it through to the end.

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