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Do You Have the Courage?


Do You Have the Courage?

Right now, as you read this you are capable of significantly improving your performance if you have the courage to take that very first step to get started. And after that first step, the courage to take another and another until you have achieved your goal.

Your current habits define you.

Do you have the courage to change those habits to help you re-define yourself to be the person you need to be to succeed?

Change is hard, and nobody really likes it because it makes you feel uncomfortable. To achieve your goals, you need to have the courage and stamina to push through that feeling of being uncomfortable so that you are comfortable with it and be the master of that change.

When you go through life wishing and hoping for things to get better, you are always “waiting.” Do you have the courage to have faith in your abilities to make something happen and pursue your success?

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If not now, when will you demonstrate to yourself first, that you have the courage to be the master of your circumstances and not a victim?

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