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Geez! Another Problem to Solve!


Geez! Another Problem to Solve!

The best leaders know that problem solving comes with the territory.

In fact, whenever they solve a problem, they earn the right to solve a more difficult one in the future.

Working our way to solve a problem can be like traveling through a maze – with wrong turns and dead ends. However, when the problem is solved we grow (as a leader), from: what we learned from the experience, new skills we developed, and existing skills we enhanced.

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All leaders want to be known as being able to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Earning that reputation is directly related to the process you follow from problem identification right through to its correct solution.

Some have a “wing it” approach to problem-solving and make it up as they go. The results often (unfortunately) speak for themselves. Others follow a well-defined (not necessarily complicated) process on a consistent and systematic basis seeking help and feedback as needed. And yes, their results speak for themselves.

What’s your process – if you have one – and is it getting the results you need?

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