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Get Past the Emotion to Get to the Solution


Get Past the Emotion to Get to the Solution

At any point in time, we find ourselves having to deal with a variety of problems.

Some are big; others are small. Some we create and others land in our lap, as a result, someone else’s actions (or lack of actions). Some are valid, while others are just unnecessary distractions. Regardless of how it is described, they are problems and we are paid to solve them.

To effectively solve a problem, you have to have a clear understanding of its cause and impact. However, many of you spend way too much time and energy focusing just on the problem – its cause and its impact – and not enough time and focus on taking action to get to the solution. In essence, many find themselves “obsessing” about the problem, leading to detrimental results for the individual and their organization. It’s almost like digging a hole and pulling the dirt back in on top of you. Your frustration, stress and negative emotions grow unchecked. As this occurs, you basically eliminate any chance you might have to get past the emotional “clutter” (yours and others) to find a way forward to a solution.

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So, what’s the lesson? 

Problems need to be solved. And the solution starts with some type of action. In fact, in most cases, any initial action will do. Maybe it’s small and directed at one aspect of the problem. Nevertheless, it’s action to help you take your mind off of the negative emotions or frustration building within you.

Look for something to act on that would be a simple clear “win” or a positive step forward. If you follow this simple process, your confidence will grow, your focus will become clearer and you’ll be motivated to take the necessary additional actions until the problem is solved.

Bottom-line: When it comes to effectively solving problems, you need to eliminate the negative effects that the emotions associated with the problem cause. Replace the negative focus with an orientation towards action – one small step at a time.

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