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How to Create Your Own Luck in 5 Simple Steps


How to Create Your Own Luck in 5 Simple Steps

We all know someone who, regardless of the challenge, always seems to land on their feet or benefits from “lucky breaks.” The question I have often asked myself is whether or not it really was luck? Or, was the “event’ the result of the approach the person took to give them the edge? In other words, did they create their own luck?

Let’s take a closer look at 5 simple steps others take do to gain the edge or put the odds in their favor:

1. They acknowledge the reality for what it is, not what they wished it would be. 

John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach said – “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out”. Don’t complain about what you don’t have; do the best you can with what you do have. “They own” their reality!

2. They define the impact that the current circumstances are having on their ability to perform. 

This includes the identification of those obstacles that are standing in their way.

3. They define their “desired outcome.” 

That is, what they want the future reality to look like. As they do this, they are asking questions; collecting relevant information and focusing on the key elements to help them build the plan that will make the “desired outcome” a reality. They “own” their desired outcome!

4. Based upon the current reality, the information they have collected and analyzed, and their “desired outcome,” they develop their best way forward—their solution or action plan. 

Depending upon the scope of what needs to be done, they might even have a “plan B” in the wings, “just in case”.

5. They take action – deliberate and disciplined action – to implement their plan and pursue the solution that will create the “desired outcome.” 

They monitor results along the way, making adjustments as needed to achieve the “desired outcome.” Clear focus and persistence are their best friends throughout this process.

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As you can see, it’s all about having a plan and working that plan; seeing it through to its successful conclusion. There is no winging it! You want to create your own luck? Work smarter and work harder and take advantage of the luck you create.

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