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How to Keep Your Job from Controlling Your Life


How to Keep Your Job from Controlling Your Life

We all used to be so idealistic when it comes to the kind of career we want to pursue. Back in our university days, it was almost unimaginable that we’d settle for a job that is not at all related to our field of study, expertise, or even passion. But when reality sets in, we realize how important it is to just grab whatever opportunity is placed in front of you.

While being and remaining employed is crucial, this doesn’t mean that you should let your job consume you or take over your life. If you notice the the following signs, you definitely have to do something to make your life better overall.

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1. There’s nothing else you can talk about but work.

You’re having some beers and barbecue with your friends and they ask how you’ve been lately. If the first thing that comes to your mind is how amazing your presentation was, consider it a red flag. First of all, the story behind your presentation isn’t something they’ll be interested in, so there’s no point in talking about it. If this happens to you, it’s clear that change has to happen in your life.

2. You are proud that you always stay after hours.

Working after hours doesn’t mean working hard. In fact, these days, employers don’t find it impressive for an employee to always work late. That’s because having to work after hours could mean that you aren’t able to finish your tasks in the allotted time. In short, you are being inefficient. You certainly need a change of mindset if you end up choosing to work overtime than to spend time for yourself and your loved ones.

3. You use your weekends to prepare for the coming week.

It’s during weekends that you’re supposed to do whatever you want to do that makes you happy. This is also your opportunity to spend quality time with the people who matter to you. But if you prefer to relax so you could re-energize for the coming week, it’s a total waste of your weekend. It’s understandable that you want to be fresh for the week ahead, but this shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your days away from work.

Life is so much fun if you know how to spend time wisely. Your career is important, but the quality of your life is just as important. Thus, you need to learn to achieve and maintain the balance between your personal life and professional life. Doing this, however, is easier said than done. But with the help of a seasoned personal coach, you’ll be able to learn how to not let your job or career take over your life.

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