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Shy at Work? Here’s How to Fit In


Shy at Work? Here's How to Fit In

Shyness is one common reason why people find it hard to fit in at work.

When a person is too shy, he or she is likely to avoid any form of contact with other people, which, unfortunately, can be interpreted by others as arrogance, aloofness, or even being snooty.

If you consider yourself a shy person, you must feel frustrated about the fact that you can’t easily bring yourself to interact with other people.

Although you want to make friends with your co-workers, you just don’t have the courage to approach them and talk to them. But you shouldn’t feel so helpless because according to life coaches, there are things you can do that will help you overcome shyness.

Below are the things you should try to conquer too much shyness:

Acknowledge the fact that you are shy

Before you can overcome your shyness, you should first be aware that you are. Accept it and take responsibility for it. Know that nobody else will help you overcome your shyness except you. Unless you’re prepared to do something about it, you won’t succeed in your goal of becoming more confident.

Watch how other ‘non-shy’ people conduct themselves

If you know someone who’s totally not shy, take cues from them. Notice how they initiate conversations and interact with other people, and replicate their behavior. Of course, you may fail at first, but think of it as a learning process so you need to have enough patience.

Try to talk to a different person every day

Aiming to talk to someone new each day is a small goal that can make a huge difference. Try to make short talks with the security guard in your company, or the barista perhaps. What matters is that look for opportunities where you can speak with other people.

Stop thinking it’s about you

It’s likely that you feel shy because you think other people are talking about you or saying negative things about you. Well, unless you have clear proof that they’re talking behind your back, you actually have no reason to think that it’s true. In fact, your coworkers may just be too busy with their jobs and lives to even think about you.


Hang out with non-shy people

It’s always easy to learn something new if you’re always with people who have the skill that you need. If you want to be more talkative or cheerful, then spend more time with people who have such an attitude.

Don’t give up trying

Even if you get embarrassed by trying to be ‘cool’ and friendly, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to try improving yourself. You may get help from a life coaching program if you want to, so that an expert may guide you in overcoming your shyness.

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