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The 6 Best Job Perks to Attract Millennials to Your Company


The 6 Best Job Perks to Attract Millennials to Your Company

There’s one thing managers should love about Millennials: it has to be their work styles.

Millennials are in fact not motivated by the same things that could motivate those workers from the previous generations. This can explain why it can be really challenging to lure them and make them stay in your company.

For you to attract Millennials into your workplace, it’s important that you first understand who they are as individuals and workers. You need to know what makes them want more in their careers. You also want to know what their needs and wants are so you can figure out how to motivate them.

Speaking of motivation, below are some of the best job perks that will attract Millennials to your company:

1. Travel Perks

Believe it or not, Millennials are not after luxury cars and expensive homes. According to studies, at least 70 percent of Millennial workers prefer to spend on social event and especially travel. Thus, those companies that offer travel perks are in a better position to attract many Millennials during the hiring season.

2. Flexible Work Hours

For Millennials, personal time is very important. As a matter of fact, they tend to choose flexibility over bigger salary. Millennial workers are not fond of working 9-5, and they particularly enjoy being out of the office when their shift ends. They love the idea of working from home because it allows them to juggle their work and personal schedules better.

3. Game Rooms

Games are an excellent stress reliever, which Millennials see as necessary to last in their jobs. You can’t expect this generation to allow themselves to get stressed out by their jobs. These workers appreciate having opportunities to rest and relax. Thus, if you want them to be happy and effective in their jobs, allowing them to play games during breaks is a smart way to do it.

4. Yoga Classes or Gym Membership

Compared to other generations, Millennials are way more health-conscious. They believe that in order for them to maintain good performance at work, they need to stay healthy. Wellness programs are an attractive benefit you can offer them if you want them to stay in your company.


5. Commute Allowance

Metro passes and gas can be expensive and stressful for Millennial workers, so they would really appreciate it if you could give them monthly allowances for their commute. This will make them feel valued and well taken care of by their employers.

6. Team Building Activities and Training Courses

It is common for a Millennial to describe himself/herself as lifelong learners. Well, that’s true. This generation of workers always look for opportunities to learn and better themselves. With that said, they are likely to choose to work in an organization that supports employee skills enhancement and development. And they would love it more if there are regular team building events that will allow them to develop and improve as individuals.

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