Three Ways to Create Something Original

Three Ways to Create Something Original

Struggling to come up with a creative idea? Not sure how to improve your product, service, book, blog post, speech, or anything you’re working?

But, it’s all been done before…NOT!

It’s getting harder and harder to create something original because there is more and more stuff being distributed, searched for, and copied on the Internet.

More people than ever are introducing their ideas to the world. How do you create something new and fresh especially when you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body?

Good news is you don’t need to be creative!

You just have to have an opinion. I know you have one of those even if you don’t express it.

Awareness and research are the keys…

Whenever I’m looking for new, fresh ways to create good content for you, there are three questions or thoughts I use.

I review a lot of material and read many books, online magazines, and so on. I do a lot of research. These are stimulants and give me ideas.

So, when I’m looking for new, fresh ways to create good content for you, there are three questions or thoughts I use.

Doesn’t everything great come in threes?

When I’m looking for new, fresh ways to create good content for you, there are three questions or thoughts I use.

  1. That is not true because…
  2. That is true, but…
  3. That is true, and…

Use these statements to add your own thoughts, ideas, and additions. Bam! It’s original because there’s only one you and you’ve just altered something.

The minute you add your own flavor to something, it’s an original. You are an original and therefore the transitive property lives on.

I don’t care if someone else thinks the same thing or said the same thing. Put your personality and twist on it. Besides, people need to hear stuff a billion times before they get it. Repetition breeds impression and all that.

Tell me something original. Go ahead! I dare ya!

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Advisors Will Be Extinct in 5 Years Unless…

Advisors Will Be Extinct in 5 Years Unless…

I’ve had financial advisors for more than 40 years. Not once in those years have I called my advisor to find out what stock/funds I should buy or sell. But I have called to find out where I should get my first mortgage, when to sell my house, or how much income I could get in retirement.

In short -- and I think I’m pretty typical – I was looking for financial advice, as it relates to my life.

Here’s the disconnect, what most advisors do is simply manage their clients’ assets. They determine what to buy, and what to sell, they think about risk management, about growing their practice by finding new clients and about getting paid.

Historically that has been the business model. But as more women take control over financial assets, they, like me, will be looking for a different experience. And unless the financial community is willing to change ….. advisors, as they are today will be extinct in five years.

Advisors who want to survive will have to do a lot more than just manage money – they will have to provide genuine “advice”.  That means doing what’s right for the client, not pushing product and pretending it’s advice.

Women especially, but all investors generally, are becoming more and more cynical. They says, “If I want advice about reducing my debt, that’s what I want and not ‘here’s more debt’ because that’s what my advisor gets paid for! And if saving taxes is what I want then saving taxes should take precedent over selling me a product.”

You may be thinking that spending your time providing advice isn’t lucrative but the reality is that in the long run – it pays off in spades. The advisors who take the time to build real relationships with clients, who provide advice as it relates to their clients’ lives, even when there is no immediate financial benefit to themselves, those who don’t simply push product – are the ones who over time have the most successful practices.

Generally women understand and value service, but they will say, “If I’m paying, I want to know what I’m paying for: Is it for returns? Is it for advice? Is it for administration? I want to know. Then I can make up my mind what’s worth it and what isn’t.”

Investing is becoming a commoditized business and technology is replacing research that no one else can find. Today the average advisor is hard pressed to consistently beat the markets, and with women emerging as the client of the future, unless they start providing real advice, their jobs will likely be extinct in five years.

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