How To Gain Perspective and Thrive as an Entrepreneur

How To Gain Perspective and Thrive as an Entrepreneur

Do you find yourself feeling one sided while among a certain group of people that only know you as the person you used to be?

Now that we have added an extra layer of success to ourselves, we have to break those expectations and start seeing things from different perspectives.

The shame that comes right before the success of many entrepreneurs is embedded within our perception of how we view the complexities of our lives while we work towards our goals. Although we understand that success isn’t over night and there will be a curvy and often steep road others view our endeavors as less socially acceptable. For example, when someone asks you about your business venture, the first thing they ask is, “How much money have you made?” Versus, the socially acceptable action, attending college, people ask, “How is school going?” They never ask about your failures like they do with entrepreneurs. With perspective we find that both situations offer valuable learning experiences, but I have to tell you with my 12+ years in college, I learned way more in the first 6-8 months of being an entrepreneur.

Joe Pardo joins us today as we talk about adding perspective to his family business, his past life experiences and going and being Super Joe without shame.

Joe Pardo proves when you work for something that you are passionate about, you don’t have to try and be super, it just comes with the territory.

Guest Expert Today: Joe Pardo aka “Super Joe” is a fourth generation business owner. He hosts the motivational Dreamers pod cast, ranking up 288 episodes, two books along with Dreamcon. Joe started his own consulting company, 234 Solutions, in February 2017. He works with nonprofits and has always enjoyed doing things his own way, figuring things out and putting his own spin on it. He is now a mentor, a husband and father

Key Points Mentioned 

  • Our experiences in our life have shaped us into who we are but it does not define us.
  • There is a shame associated with being great, people might look at you and say, “Who does he think he is calling himself, “Super.” #shaketheshame just be AWESOME.
  • It might be very difficult breaking expectations of family members because they associate you with being this one way.
  • Being able to look at things from a variety of perspectives is important to being open minded about situations and figuring things out.
  • It’s not bragging if you can do it.

The moment Joe Pardo had to break expectations was when he decided to be the cool guy and go for what he wanted in life. He decided to not give up on what was important to him.

Joe Pardo’s Unapologetic Pause includes listening to music all day and every day. The other thing he does is sleeping; sleeping helps hit the reset button on his attitude and his sometimes, short fuse. He likes to watch movies and funny shows like Tosh.O.

A little Gentle Honesty…. Everyday you are in school, it is a process of learning, failing and growing, so take it seriously.

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