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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. Why the Yield Curve Inversion Is Good for Stocks

Something unusual happened in the stock market recently. A few weeks ago, a closely watched indicator, called the “yield curve,” inverted for the first time since the last recession. — Robert Ross

2. The Growing Mismatch Between the Market’s Move Higher and Declining Earnings

Given the economic data and global trade outlook, it is not easy to find where such a surprise would come from. — Christopher Versace

3. S&P 500 Continues Massive Run Higher, But for How Long?

The S&P 500 was very volatile last week and at one point even looked like it was going to break down rather significantly. — Alexander Voigt

4. The Big Question About Subscription Fees for Financial Advice

Companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have long been the boogeymen of financial services. They collectively form the spectre haunting wealth management, you might say. — Johnny Sandquist

5. 7 Technologies You Need For Your Advisor Business

In today’s digital age, you have an abundance of tech tools at your disposal to reap these benefits. — Paige Jones

6. The (Trade-Weighted) U.S. Dollar is Headed to All-Time High

A lot of investors are looking for the U.S. dollar to go down, with the Federal Reserve being more or less on the sidelines, but it just keeps staying very firm and refuses to decline. — Ivan Martchev

7. Why Do People Think They Can Beat the Market?

Think about it.  From a sales point of view, you have a great product.  Investing in the stock market has pretty much outperformed all other asset classes. — Bryce Sanders

8. The President Feels Market Returns Could Have Been Much Better

It appears investors are celebrating tax day by taking the day off. Okay, I’m just kidding on that end … but futures are forecasting only slight movement in the S&P and Dow … — Joseph Witthohn

9. Do We Really Care Who Was #1 Stock Picker?

The Wall Street Journal recently published “And the No. 1 Stock-Fund Manager Is…”. I clicked to read. As I read it I asked myself, “Who cares? Why is this important?” — Jay Mooreland

10. Advisors: Stop Being an Impostor and Claim Your Greatness

Recently one of my long term clients who has a very unique practice and lifestyle was featured in an industry leading podcast and he mentioned me and how instrumental I was to his business. — Joseph Lukas

11. 3 Service Offer Questions Advisors Need to Be Ready To Answer

When it comes to your service offer, over the next 12 months, there are three questions you need to be prepared to answer. — Stewart Bell

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