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11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (August 22-26)


11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (August 22-26)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyzAugust 22-26, 2016.  Click the headline to read the full article.  Enjoy!

1. Is “Retirement” the Only Answer? Take Time to Rethink the Possibilities

As a financial advisor, you would think I’ve seen a million definitions of retirement. What’s surprising to me is that I haven’t! In fact, not all, but certainly most of the people I work with tend to see retirement as an absolute goal and an endpoint.  — Lauren Klein

2. The Unintended Consequences From the DOL Fiduciary Rule

Both fee-only financial planning firms and companies that sell financial products are beginning to see some unintended consequences from the recent Department of Labor fiduciary rule. — Rick Kahler

3. Ready to Revolutionize Your Business and Your Life? Creative Destruction Is the Key

My quest is to merge the two sides of myself to find the “ultra” in business and in life – and redefine what’s possible through “creative destruction.” — Jon Sabes

4. Everything You Know About Millennials is Wrong

We keep hearing about how different Millennials are from other age groups. But, as it turns out,  Millennials aren’t all that different from previous generations after all. It’s just that, apparently, the pundits forgot what it was like to be young. — Thomas Phelps

5. A Millennial’s Decision: Robo-Advisor or Advisor?

If you want to take on Millennials as clients, you may want to act fast. Robo-advisors pose a significant threat to your market share, particularly within the millennial sector. — Nicole Anglace

6. Five Ways to Get a Meeting With Anyone

Ever feel like your dream client is somewhere up in the clouds, completely unreachable? Is it possible to get in front of someone like that? Absolutely: with contact marketing. — James Carbary

7. How Do I Acquire More Ideal Clients Starting Today?

How do I acquire more ideal clients starting today? What is a simple way to implement immediately to grow my business? What is the best process to find them? — Grant Hicks

8. The Complete Guide to Technology for New Advisors

If you’re new to the RIA biz, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. From compliance issues to building your client base, there’s a lot to consider. Another important piece of the puzzle is the role technology will play at your firm. — Carolyn Rose Kick

9. Bitcoin: A Significantly Investable Asset

ARK Invest and Coinbase define investability as providing ample liquidity and opportunity to invest. Globally, bitcoin exchange trading volumes are a good measure of the liquidity available to investors. — Catherine D. Wood

10. Advisors: Are You Properly Valuing Your Advice?

If the impact of advice on a typical consumer is that their net worth grows at 2.7 x that of the non-advised over a 15 year plus period, then what value should we place on the advice? — Tony Vidler

11. Advisors: Stop Worrying About the New DOL standards

Have you heard there’s this new set of regulations coming out called the Department of Labor regulations? Rumor has it they’re going to turn the business upside-down; they’re going to put you out of business if you aren’t careful. — Robert Brown

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