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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Mike Garrison says there are two options at this point, if you want to continue at your current level of success. Learn more in The Unexpected Source for Quick Performance Improvements for Financial Advisors.

The state of South Carolina was pushing to pass a bill that would require all high school students to take a course on financial literacy. Good idea? Read Brad Sherman’s The Importance of Financial Literacy for more.

Challenging markets create marketing challenges, but they don’t have to. Sandra Powers Murphy provides some great insights in Marketing in Volatile Markets.

Don Connelly says Don’t Sell Investments: Focus on The Relationship.

Many financial advisors have a vision. Is it enough? Listen to Matt Halloran and Karen Coyne as they ask Are You Using Your Vision to Its Fullest Potential with Your Client Base?

Most successful business owners struggle with determining the amount of money they will need to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement. James E. Wilson gives you a hand in The 4 Steps to Find “Your Number”.

Stewart Bell provides us a needed assist with What to do When Clients Are Wrong.

The shift from active to passive investing continues to drive significant change for investment management sales and marketing. Given this, Emilie Totten provides What Marketers Can Do to Grow AUM in 2019.

Rebuilding Trust Requires Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Paul Taylor shows us a path to help with the difficult conversations needed.

Andrew Rosen is a fan, as well as writing The Life Lesson Learned from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

What happens when a superhero needs a hero of his own? Alec Borenstein tells us in When a Hero Needs a Hero: Stan Lee’s End-of-Life Plan.

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