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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (January 9-13)


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (January 9-13)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, January 9-13, 2017 

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1. The Power of Income in Our Current Environment

In today’s challenging markets, Michael Schoenhaut and Christina Jiang explain how a focus on sourcing the best income opportunities, while closely managing risk, can reap benefits for investors. — J.P. Morgan Asset Management

2. Politics and Policy Uncertainties Are Likely to Sway the Markets in 2017

And as 2017 unfolds, we believe uncertainty is likely to persist. Instead of trading on underlying corporate fundamentals, we think this uncertainty creates the potential for markets to trade on news headlines as well as on rhetoric and speculation about policy changes coming from a number of Western capitals. — Coleen Barbeau 

3. Do We Ever Really Know What to Expect From Rising Interest Rates?

The day the rate hike was announced I received several calls from journalists, all wanting to know what this means for the economy. My email inbox also started filling up with questions about the effect rising interest rates will have on real estate and stock investments. — Rick Kahler

4. Why Blockchain Isn’t Ready for Prime Time: The 7 Biggest Challenges

Nearly three years ago, Internet pioneer and Silicon Valley uber-investor Marc Andreessen wrote an article in the New York Times about how the technology behind Bitcoin, the digital currency, is in a state similar to the World Wide Web in the 1990’s. — Craig Iskowitz

5. Are You a Great Advisor? Take the Test

Being a great advisor today is not just about getting higher rates of return. If you can’t answer yes to at least 4 of the statements below – then you have work to do. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi 

6. Is the Bull Market in Bonds Over for Good?

As we close out 2016 and look ahead to 2017, this question, as it has been numerous times over the past few years, is on the top of investors’ minds. But before we opine on the direction of the bond market in year ahead, we always find it helpful to first look back and evaluate where we’ve been. — SNW Asset Management

7. The Top Three Risks for Investors in 2017

There will be many reasons for investors to be cheerful in 2017.  However Donald Trump’s policies and the Fed’s reaction to their impact will present the biggest risk next year. In addition, the forthcoming elections in France and Germany, and further movements in oil prices will also present risks for investors in 2017. — Nigel Green

8. Money Really Can Buy Happiness!

We’ve all heard it said a million times: money can’t buy happiness. Well, I’m here to tell you some great news! It seems money can buy happiness after all. There’s a catch, though. It doesn’t happen in the way you might think.  — Lauren Klein

9. What’s the Difference in Prospecting Today? Plenty!

Do you ever get those unsolicited emails which say, “I’m trying to reach the person who is in charge of fill-in-the-blank?” Do you ever get auto-direct message on Twitter when you follow someone and it says, “Do you want to learn more about 401(k) rollover prospects?” — Sheryl Brown

10. Does the Death of the RFP Loom?

Using the internet, anybody can go online and research responses to a business issue.  Many users ask their networks how to solve business issues by going into social media and asking questions. — Timothy Hughes

11. How to Get Prospects to Buy Your Advice

To get prospects to buy you and your advice you have to “sell emotion” and support it with logic, right? Not quite….there is a piece missing in this formula which is is largely accepted as the methodology for selling intangibles. — Tony Vidler

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