Why Advisors Are Turning to Private Equity

Why Advisors Are Turning to Private Equity

We spent some time with Brian Weisenberger, Executive Director of Ascendant Capital, at the HighTower Apex Conference in San Francisco to talk about Private Equity.

Click the image to watch as Brian and I discuss:

  • Why Advisors are diving into Private Equity at this time.
  • The different types of private equity and why that is important for advisors to note.
  • The top acquisition criteria that advisors should look for when evaluating Private Equity opportunities.
  • How Advisors can access Private Equity through Ascendent Capital.

Ascendant Capital is a boutique alternative investment firm with global capabilities. They bring one-of-a-kind investment strategies to a diverse investor base with a unique focus on income-producing private equity.

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Get a Handle on Your Marketing

Get a Handle on Your Marketing

Yes, you’re a financial advisor. But you’re also the payroll supervisor, and the HR director, and the property overseer.

When are you supposed to get to marketing to grow your business?

Do this to get a handle on your marketing.

Click on image above to watch the video.

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