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3 Ways to Leverage Your Press Hits Online


Written by: Alexa Miller

Today’s online, on-demand culture has pushed modern marketing strategies to go digital. Even if your businesses leads don’t originate online, your digital footprint can be a deciding factor for prospective clients.

For example, let’s say you exchange business cards with a potential customer at a networking event. If that person has sincere interest in your services, he or she will Google you and your firm to learn more. If they find awards, recognition and positive press, it can reinforce or elevate that interest. If they find a lackluster or even negative digital presence, their reception to your follow-up might not be so warm.

If your firm is working hard to gain third-party credibility, don’t let it go to waste. Here are three proven and popular ways advisors can leverage their press, enhance their digital presence and amplify the impact of their PR success.

1. Create A Press Page, Banner And Slider On Your Website

Your website is the foundation of your digital presence, and it will likely be the first impression a potential customer has of your firm. So the first step to leveraging third-party credibility should be optimizing your website to highlight your PR success.

Most advisory firms should already have a company blog or announcement page. But if you are investing your time and money into a PR campaign, you should create a separate page on your website dedicated to showcasing your press coverage.

Sometimes new visitors won’t naturally gravitate towards your press page, so it’s important to catch their eye immediately. An “In the News” banner is an element to be showcased on your homepage that gives your brand instant credibility to visitors. An alternative to a static banner could be a slider that showcases earned media logos or even specific press hits you would like to promote.

2. Share Press Coverage Across Social Media

It is common for companies to share interesting news stories related to their industry or expertise across social media. Earning quotes and features in the media, however, allows you to take this practice to the next level by sharing articles and news stories that feature your firm and your insight, rather than someone else’s.

The big three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – have become hugely valuable platforms for leveraging PR success and helping your firm reach a wider audience. These platforms can help a local firm funnel national press coverage to their local audience. Similarly, it can help a national firm leverage a community award with their national audience.

3. Send Media Hits To Your Email Lists

Email marketing is still a popular and effective way for businesses to stay connected with customers, prospects and business associates.

Adding press hits to an email newsletter is a great way to leverage your PR success with your key audiences. Additionally, email lists can be a useful tool when promoting scheduled broadcast appearances. For example, if you are scheduled to appear on Fox News, you can send your email list a notification to tune in and watch it live.

Utilizing emails marketing and other modern methods of leveraging press are generally inexpensive, yet they can increase the value and impact of positive press exponentially when done right.

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