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3 Questions Sales Reps Need to Ask Themselves Daily



Sometimes the most simple advice is the best advice.

This piece, from social selling legend Jack Kosakowski, is just that. With three simple questions to ask yourself daily, this article is both realistic and impactful.

Touching on motivation, storytelling and reflection, these questions can unveil a lot about your personal selling style. Once you understand your unique motivations, you will find it easier to stay focused and crush your quota.

Jack Kosakowski, Global Head Of B2B Social Sales Execution at the Creation Agency, is known for his unique sales strategies that have helped thousands of people grow their businesses. You can find him on Twitter at @JackKosakowski1, where he shares sales tips and motivation strategies all day, every day.

Based on his article, here are the 3 Questions Sales Reps Need to Ask Themselves Daily by Jack Kosakowski:

Keep this infographic handy and keep asking yourself these three questions every single day. Within a couple days you will have established a new morning routine that will help you excel for weeks, months and years to come.

Another great piece from the King of Social Sales Strategy! Thanks Jack.

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