About Us

IRIS Media Works is different. We are a digital media production company with built-in distribution through our website, iris.xyz, Newsletter, social media, and a strategic partnership with one of the industry’s leading data companies.

Our goal is to be the most helpful place for financial advisors to come grow their minds and their businesses. Content on iris.xyz, is laser-focused on three areas to help our audience do and be better for their clients: asset management, practice advancement, and inspiration.


Tai-Chin Tung, CEO
Tai-Chin has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry, having held executive leadership roles in the United States and abroad. Tai-Chin’s multi-disciplined experience and multi-functional approach underpins her solution-oriented investment approach. Through her experience as a member of both Fidelity’s Asia Operating Committee and Charles Schwab Asset Management’s Investment Committee, Tai-Chin developed a unique combination of investment and distribution expertise that benefits a wide range of clients. In addition, her Operations background, spanning various geopolitical environments, enables her to take a global perspective in offering options and solutions for clients. Since departing from Fidelity, Tai-Chin has dedicated her energy in organic farming, education, retirement planning and medical aspects of finance to promote general well beings of end clients.  Her work focuses on investing directly in pre-public stage companies who have clear missions to create good and on providing strategic directions to private companies in the areas of growth and operating leverage.

Douglas Heikkinen, Founder, Editor and Creative Director
Doug has over 25 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional, providing creative services to the financial services sector and others. He is a defector from the corporate world, taking with him a thorough understanding of the mindset of capital business. From out of the “cage” at Shearson Lehman Brothers, he spent 12 years at Schwab Advisor Services where he was instrumental in all aspects of the areas growth and maturity. Since then he’s co-led two successful start-ups, and was also the President of a Northwest brand/design agency. His vast experience has led him to be mindful and focused on what matters most within the financial services industry, while letting his creativity flow into our business and clients. Contact him at [email protected]

Tom Wagner, Vice President | Business Development
Tom comes to IRIS with over 30 years of experience in developing and deepening relationships with asset managers, registered investment advisors and broker dealers. For the past decade he was with DWS, where he was responsible for cultivating and understanding the needs and opportunities of his clients in the registered investment advisor and independent broker dealer channels. Before that, Tom held multiple roles at Fidelity Investments in relationship management, product management, client services and sales, with a focus on supporting Fidelity’s institutional relationships. He enjoys time with this wife, Annika and their three adult children, and is passionate about soccer, golf, college basketball and traveling. Tom is excited to be part of IRIS’s efforts to deliver insights and information to financial Advisors to help them grow their organizations. He can be reached at [email protected].

Jakie Kangas Beard, Vice President of Marketing
Jakie comes to IRIS with more than 15 years of marketing, communications and event management experience in the financial services industry. She has built a deep understanding of Advisors, investors and the challenges they face through her work at Wells Fargo Wealth Management, Schwab Advisor Services and Schwab Corporate Services. She is excited to help Advisors find new ways to strengthen their relationships with clients and grow their businesses with IRIS. Jakie can be reached at [email protected]

Ian Smith, Head of Technology
Ian has a savant level Systems Theory and has been an Agile Programmer for 20 years in 20 languages. Ian specializes in complex problem-solving in software architecture, data forensics, cross-platform integration, automation, and possess a high level of knowledge and experience in Network and OS Security, Systems Theory, and project leadership. A small list of achievements include: teaching Linux at NASA, writing partition tables in hexadecimal for partition recovery, mapping Living Systems to software models, Forex arbitrage network, fractal market predictions, and creating an RSA cryptocurrency in 2002 with a double spend solution similar to Ripple.

Alex Heist, Developer
Alex is a young, tenacious full-stack software developer. With experience in multiple languages and platforms, he has helped small businesses and startups build and launch their creative visions. He earned a degree in software development from the College of Western Idaho and is continuing his education at Boise State University.

LeeAnn Roy, Marketing Associate
LeeAnn joins IRIS as a marketing associate. She has a degree in accounting and finance from Southern New Hampshire University, and looks forward to building expertises in digital media and marketing. LeeAnn speaks conversational Japanese, which may come in handy as she drives our contributor outreach and communication efforts. You can reach LeeAnn at [email protected].

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