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5 Times You Can Ask: Just Never for Referrals

It's time we set the record straight on my "no asking" advice.

Here are the Highlights

This episode is dedicated to setting the record straight about what I believe you can and should ask for in business, and what you shouldn't ask for.I find many take my "no asking" strategy and apply it out of context. In the episode I talk about two conversations in which I realized what I am teaching is being mis-applied.Here are the 5 times you can ask. Note not one says "for referrals."1. Ask for the close, the business, the sale2. Ask your clients for feedback3. Ask for testimonials, case studies or online reviews4. When someone offers to help you, tell them how they can help.5. Ask those you trust for help.But still none of these tell you to ask for a referral to a new client.Then hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and let me know what you thought of today's show and the 5 times you can ask. Question 5 in particular usually brings up a few questions! Let's get the conversation started!