5 Ways Women Financial Advisors are Taking Advantage of this Isolation

If tomorrow was the end of isolation what would you have wished you had accomplished during this time?  You can perceive this time as a challenge or you can approach it as an opportunity to relaunch your practice.  Think of it as a business “time out” making it an opportunity to regroup, re-energize and relaunch.

As I speak with my clients I wanted to share 5 ways women financial advisors are taking advantage of this isolation period:

  1. Redefining their Ideal Client: In times of challenge, you see the best and the worst in people.  Tumultuous markets can drain your energy and make you even more aware of the clients you look forward to calling and those you don’t. Some clients love and appreciate everything you do and others suck the lifeblood out of you and your business, they are NOT a good fit.  Pushed to the brink women financial advisors are becoming more selective as to who they will work with and who they won’t. When juggling time with family is every client really worth your time and energy? Redefine your ideal client now!
  2. Setting New Business Boundaries: So many women have been forced to set more boundaries with their business carving out the time, energy and a calendar that creates more freedom and focus.  People are very understanding right now, help them understand when is the best time to reach you so that you are focused and energized is a good thing. Once these new boundaries are implemented it’s easy to keep them in place in the post-pandemic world. Establish the most ideal times for you to communicate with clients.
  3. Developing a Powerful Event Series to launch in September: Once this period of isolation is over people will be anxious to experience events in a live setting. The beauty of women’s events is you don’t want 30+ participants. It’s best to keep the group small, this will be an added bonus to your events in the post-pandemic world.  By building and planning a powerful series of events now, to launch in September, gives you plenty of time to create a more robust marketing strategy to get better results. Remember the greatest impact of events is the opportunity to keep marketing, marketing and marketing. What two events will you launch in the 4th Quarter?
  4. Incorporating Virtual Technology: This has become a necessity during times of isolation but it doesn’t have to end there.  New technology has opened the door to new ways for advisors to interact with clients, meet new prospects and hold one on one appointments. This new virtual world is a total game changer in the world of time and efficiency. If isolation was our future, what technology would you use to meet with clients, connect with prospects, have profiling meetings and get paperwork signed and processed?  What new technology will you incorporate?
  5. Explore New Avenues for Marketing: There are so many new ways to market your business but spending time researching marketing strategies does not always make it on to your calendar.  Carving out time now to explore all kinds of new programs from CRM systems to social media marketing to help you reignite your business in ways you may never have considered.  Set up informational calls once a week and learn new innovative ways to get new leads and acquire more clients. What programs or systems would you like to explore?

The future in a post-pandemic world will not be the same, it will be better.

Don’t squander this time but use this business time out to relaunch, reignite and re-energize your business and life. 

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