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Advisors: One Simple Way to Re-Use Your Articles

A recent conversation with a financial adviser has sparked me to write this quick post because I suspect others have the same view as he did.

His view?

You can’t recycle your old posts or articles.

Wrong view.

Yes, you can!

If you are implementing the right content marketing strategy, then your articles/posts are being hosted on your website which means, you have a library of content that you can recycle to your heart’s content.

While we would like to think that everyone reads everything we post all of the time, sadly that’s not the truth! Only a small percentage of your connections, clients and business partners will read your content at any given time.

So, re-post articles and continue to reach more people through relevant, informative information. I recycle! There are lots of applications that you can use to automate posting of content, for example, co-scheduler . It’s easy to set up, and you can schedule when you want your articles/posts to go out. Makes it really easy to use your library of content.

I know Financial Advisers, and I know that anything that is efficient and straightforward to implement will work so please, recycle your articles/posts and reach the ideal clients, effortlessly.