Are These Flip-Flopping Sales Gurus for Real?

I have laugh about some of the blogs I see by some of the “sales gurus” out there. I do understand that when you work for yourself you will want to appeal to as many people as you can, I guess. You have to put food on the family table. But does this mean that the customer gets the best advice?Your job is to give your customer the best advice surely? If you just agree with a customer, it does not help the client.I recall one sales guru who wrote about one sales methodology and then all of a sudden switched to the opposite sales Methodology. Like a Manchester United fan, switching to Liverpool or a Democrat becoming Republican. Now it’s possible but, unlikely.What I found out was this guru switched sides as they were being paid to say the opposite of what he had been writing about by a large US company. I guess you have to do what pays the bills? So they started writing about social selling, but then switched to cold calling as they were being paid to teach cold calling by this US software company. Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we don’t just agree with clients, for the sake of it. We believe, they hire us to give them the best advice. This might not agree with a current strategy of theirs but it is about giving our clients the best outcome.Related: 14 Reasons Why Social Selling Better Than Cold Calling We got hired by a client to help with their social selling. In a meeting, they told us they were updating their website, so we “obviously” offered to cast an eye over their specification and design. The design was, let’s say “interesting”, the view was to put every thing about the company on the website. Of course the website design company was just following orders.We advised the client not to do this. Because people would come to the website, find out everything they need and leave. You want a website to leave the enquirer wanting more information so they contact you.Now what would you have done? Agreed with them and taken the money or challenged them and given them the best advice?This constant position change by “Gurus” can sometimes be a predictable occurrence. There is one guru who has a weekly flipflop. One week they write that cold calling is the best prospecting method in the world. The next week it’s social selling. Then the week after, cold calling. Then the week after, social selling. Then, maybe a week it’s both cold calling and social selling, in some sort of Frankinstien monster. I guess this must be part of some sort of master plan, but their customers must be confused as hell. Well, I am.