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As an Advisor, Can Women Be a Secondary Market?

Dear Adri,

If I want to focus more on women do I have to make it my complete focus? What about all my existing clients, if I start marketing more to women will I alienate the men. I see the importance of focusing on women just not sure what’s the best path for me to take. - Signed Ready to focus

Dear Ready to Focus,

The beautiful aspect of the women’s market is that it can be a primary OR secondary market and work effectively either way. But let me clarify an important point:

  • When you start to focus on women not only do you attract more attention and interest from women but the men love it too. You will gain far more business than you can ever lose when focusing on women.
  • That being said, there are really two ways to go. If you already have a clearly defined market and have built your business and reputation for this market, then making women a secondary market would be your best approach. As a secondary market you can create a tab on your website specific to women including a message and process focused solely on women validating your commitment. Remember if you say you focus on women then you must prove it.

    Or perhaps you are like most advisors with a hodgepodge of clients with no real message, brand or focus to your business. If this is you then making women your primary market and focus can be highly productive. This primary focus may feel like a scarier route as you must put your new messaging about women front and center on your homepage, but as you develop your brand, message and new process you will begin to gain more clarity, focus, direction while inspiring more interest and attracting more clients.

    Whatever path you choose, as you begin to uncover and share your purpose for focusing on women you will immediately intrigue and attract more interest in your business from both genders.