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Is The Best Way to Save Your Marriage For Me to Send Your Partner Flowers?

One of the things we see and hear often is that it’s too much work to write your LinkedIn profile. But if you want all the things that social selling can give (inbound, deals through social referrals, engagement with a digital prospect and customer, acceleration of your pipeline) you then you need to do it.Yes it’s hard work and yes if it wasn’t hard work you would have done it already. Many people we meet have been on LinkedIn for 10 years, but the “shop window” to the world is still blank or a CV the time you write your CV up when you were looking for work.Often people say to us, why don’t I get somebody to write it for me. There are unscrupulous companies that offer this service.

Let me explain.

The issue people have with marketing today is most of it is just noise. Corporate marketing is noise, everybody says their product is the best, or number one. We don’t look at adverts, we don’t read unsolicited emails, we don’t take cold calls, we don’t go to events as they are just salespeople pitching. We have gained the skill today to filter this noise out.The one thing that any company has to differentiate itself from the competitionis the people, your employees. In fact you!It is human nature that we are drawn to other humans to communicate and we like people to show something of themselves. We hate people to be salesy or push their sales message on us. In fact we rebel against somebody doing this. Nobody ever got up in the morning and said “the first thing I need to do today is talk to a pushy salesman.”Which is why, the best person to take your husband or wife or partner out is you.The best person to send your wife, your husband or your partner flowers is you.Not me, or a professional writer.Related: The Secret of Creating ContentYour wife, your husband and your partner has a bond with you. They love your personality, your vulnerabilities, your sense of humour. In fact, you know the last thing to help, if your relationship was having problems was to get an independent third party involved.

Writing your LinkedIn profile is hard, often it’s like revision for an exam, we put it off as much as we can. But the upside is awesome:

  • You will get inbound leads and meetings
  • You can prospect outbound and not look like a spammer
  • You can nurture (for free) your long term pipeline
  • You can acerbate your existing pipeline
  • Digital buyers can find you, enabling you to pull business away from your competition.