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Discover the 3 Types of Visitors to Your Website

By now, most Financial Advisers have a website [yes there are still a few without!]. If I asked you a question, “How proud of your website are you?” What would you say? Most Financial Advisers respond by saying, “I don’t really look at it,” “We built it a few years ago, it’s not really that good,” “I had it designed super quick because we just needed something up.”

The next question is, “Who is visiting your website?” This normally stumps most advisers!

There are typically three types of visitors to your website.

  • The cold ones. They found you through an Internet search. They may have searched for an adviser in a geographical area or, they may have typed in keywords, for example, how do I save for retirement.
  • The warm ones. They’ve been given your name; they’ve been referred to you, and they’re curious. They want to know a little bit more about you.
  • The hot ones. They have been referred to you, and they simply want to make contact right now.
  • The number one job of your website is to help each of these types of people take the next step in their decision-making process rather than lose them all together to a competitor.

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    What to do?

    1. The cold ones are probably a little bit skeptical right now, so they need to receive your e-book or the report you have written that will show them in plain English the value you can add to their lives. They enter their email in return for your valuable and relevant information. They are on your website because they have a financial problem, give them information which will help them understand how to fix it.

    2. The warm ones are good leads. They’ve been given your details and their curious about how you can help them. They haven’t met you yet, and they are probably still in the decision-making process. Warm leads are happy to watch your video, attend your seminar, look at an online tutorial; something that enables them to get to know you before they decide to call you.

    3. The hot ones are prospects, and they are eager to get the ball rolling. Inviting them to book a time to chat with you when it suits them by simply hitting a button is a great option for prospects. Look at installing an online calendar app to your website that they can enter their details to receive a call back for you – your free 15-minute triage call.

    Simply having an online brochure [static website] isn’t enough to attract and convert potential clients. Understanding that there are three types of visitors and adapting your website to suit their stage in decision-making makes sense, doesn’t it?