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The Earth is Flat and Nothing in Sales has Changed

Are You an Internet Denier?Are you an internet denier, or maybe a social media denier or maybe a mobile denier?What do I mean?

  • Do you deny the existence of the internet or
  • Do you deny the existence of social media or
  • Do you deny the existence of mobile phones?
  • I only ask, as I read on social media (the irony wasn’t lost on me) that nothing has changed in sales. In fact, it went on to say that people like me who say that sales has changed, shouldn’t be listened to.It puzzled me, am I only the only person that go online and research stuff before I buy? I don’t think I am. Is everybody still calling up companies and asking for a brochures? No! Should I be flattered that companies have spent Billions of dollars on websites, just for me? Or do other people look at them as well?Maybe Steve Jobs made the iPhone just for me and nobody else in the world has a mobile phone?Of course not, everybody shops online, we all do research and read content before buying things.Related: The Digital Marketing Big Fat Lie!Related: Is Spending Piles of Money on Marketing Just a Waste?Research from CEB now Gartner states that most people are 57% of the way through the buying process before people contact a salesperson. At the recent onboarding of our Singapore reseller, when we presented that, somebody put there hand up and said “no way”. Now Singapore is very advanced when it comes to tech, internet and mobiles, so I asked “which part is wrong?” The answer being “ that the % is probably more like 70%”.Recent research from Showpad states that for deals over $100,000 your prospects are going online and researching for over 40 hours. Sounds about right to us, but I guess if nothing in sales has changed, I guess these people will actually only buy if you cold call them or they see an advert in a newspaper.Sales has changed and I’m very sorry for the vested interests that won’t you to think it hasn’t. Like Kodak, Nokia and MySpace we all have to stay relevant in the world and some people just won’t make it. Sales has changed, the world is round and it’s time to face up to the realties of this disruption.