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Five Ways to Work More Effectively With Your COI's in 2018

Most of you reading this will have some stable strategic alliances [COI’s] in place; those businesses which you have partnered with to gain more clients and add more value. However, you might be wondering how together you can gain even more exposure and ultimately clients. In his book, ‘The Fifth Discipline’ Peter Senge talks about the notion of the whole is greater than the parts. The whole in this idea is more than one business gaining more visibility; by coming together two or more businesses can have a more significant impact.

So what marketing activities could you and your strategic partners conduct? The list below is just some of the ideas that work. As always there are others, but this list covers the most effective for you to focus on in 2018.

1. Conduct a significant piece of research together. When a business/es conduct some research into an area that people have questions about or want more information about, the findings can open some amazing doors. With those research results, you can host webinars, podcasts, speaking opportunities, the list is endless.

2. Share your content marketing strategy. Your strategic alliance partner has a website, and your business has a website. Position your offering and added value by placing regular posts on their site. Tip – it does need to be regular, for example, once per month.

3. Perhaps you don’t feel like the research project is right for you. However, you can still create a series of online seminars [webinars] that are educational based – answering people’s problems, showing them ways to solve them. Together there may be more relevant information that can help a broader audience.

4. Podcast together. Every month, one staff member from each business shares the ‘stage’ and creates a podcast. Again, relevant, informative content.

5. The ultimate is to write a book, report, whitepaper or e-book together. As they say, ‘two minds are better than one’. If you’ve been meaning to write a book [and you know who you are!], consider writing a book that focuses on your area of expertise and that of your strategic alliance.

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There are many other ways that you can leverage your strategic alliances by working together. The tried and tested joint face to face seminars are an oldie and a goodie; they still work. A joint newsletter is also a proven way to get in front of more ideal clients. An essential tip though is to choose a couple of ideas, develop a plan, implement it and stick with it!