How Advisors Can Grow Faster Through Webinars

The 5 Best Webinar Tools for Financial Advisors

We suggest using these 5 tools to host more effective webinars and generate more leads from the webinars you host:

1. Zoom: This platform is perfect for hosting webinars, and it offers various payment plans to do so.

2. Canva: Canva is a free tool where you can create great visuals for your webinars. You can use it to generate visuals for social media and even your webinar slide deck.

3. Google Slides: Google Slides is a great tool for creating slide decks. It's easy to collaborate on, runs in your browser, and allows you to incorporate videos and other media.

4. YouTube: Post-webinar, you'll want to share a webinar replay online so you can continue to leverage it. YouTube is an ideal platform to do this, and doing so can cause prospects to stumble across your webinar organically.

5. Lead Pilot: After the webinar, use an email marketing campaign to drip on the attendees and continue to provide them with relevant content. Lead Pilot not only provides campaigns but provides customizable content for those campaigns.

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