How Advisors Can Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Navigating social media can be an overwhelming task for financial advisors.

Today I'm going to teach you exactly what to do and what not to do to make your social media posts get the highest engagement possible.

Okay, so tip number one. Don't start your post with words like "I," or "my," or "we." You're making it all about you when instead you want to make it all about the person that you're talking to. Your intended audience, right? So for example, instead of saying in a social media post, "Today I'm sharing four social media tips for you," I would say something like "How to write better social media posts." We want to make it all about the person reading, not all about us.

Okay, tip number two. Don't use the passive voice. So you don't want to start the post with things like "check out," "take a look," or any other passive phrase. Instead of saying something like, "Check out my latest blog post on market volatility," you could write something like, "Does all of the market volatility make you nervous or have you wondering what to do with your 401k? Today I'm going to answer five questions to determine if you're allocated properly." That's so much more of a compelling way to introduce your blog post, right? So again, do not use the passive voice.

Okay, moving on to tip number three. Consider your audience. Who are you writing for? What is going through their mind at this time? What is happening in their life, or what current events are happening that would make them want to stop scrolling? Write about those things.

And the last thing, tip number four, whatever you do, do not post something to social media with absolutely no context as to why you are posting it. I see this mistake being made all of the time, especially by financial advisors who are using marketing automation software to automate their posts. So instead of explaining why someone should read the article or the link they're sharing, they just share it. This is not going to get you any engagement at all.

So again, use these four tips to get more engagement on your social media posts. You will see a much higher level of likes, comments, and shares if you follow these tips.

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