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How Advisors Should NOT Behave With Women

This is a perfect example of why affluent women are NOT happy with the financial advisor experience.

My husband and I were enjoying a nice dinner when an old friend of my husband and his son stopped by our table. He was well dressed, almost a bit too polished for the environment. He and my husband had attended pharmacy school together. Within the first 30 seconds this man quickly shared that he left the pharmacy industry and became a financial advisor . He and his son now have an independent practice with Wells Fargo.

As he talked about his financial practice my husband and I smiled at the commonalities, pharmacy and financial services. As my husband introduced me to this financial advisor he shared that I coach financial advisors, and that was the end of that topic and the end of conversation with me.

I had ample opportunity to observe and study this man’s behavior as I was NOT included in his conversation.

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It was crystal clear to me this man was prospecting my husband.

It was his stupid assumption that my husband was the only one that made the money and all the financial decisions, how wrong he was .

During the whole conversation this man rarely glanced my way. How could he be so ignorant this day and age? He even had the benefit of knowing I was working in the industry.

When his real prospects arrived he quickly said his goodbye shaking my husband’s hand and never reaching for mine before he rushed off . His young son on the other hand took the time to say a proper goodbye shaking my hand and the hand of our young niece who had joined us.

Needless to say this senior advisor would NEVER get any of our business much less any referrals, he closed that door within the first 5 minutes.

There is no better or faster way to lose a lucrative client opportunity than ignoring the woman and treating her as if she knows nothing and has nothing.