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How Friendly Is Your Female Prospecting Process?

There was a LOT of chatter in my office today. All the business owners in the building were excited about this weekend.Well actually it was only the women who were all a twitter because we are getting new carpeting! Woohoo, for us women this is BIG.Knowing the end was near, we all shared our disgust with the current carpet.Every day we walk in to the building and have to see this old, stained carpeting, it’s a downer.But getting new carpets that match the wall color is going to put a new spring in our step. So why aren’t the men excited? They really couldn’t be bothered, in fact some of the men are wondering why we are even getting new carpet, for them it’s a non-event.

For women (like your female clients) esthetics is very important.

This includes:
  • the environment you create,
  • the decor,
  • even how you package your process, message and brand.
  • You can transform the experience for womenturning a lackluster experience into a "Tiffany Box" experience they they rave about (hello referrals!).Related: How to Turn Your Boring Prospecting Process Into a Tiffany ExperienceYou wouldn't give a woman a nice gift presented in an old brown bag. Regardless how much time and effort you put into the gift if it’s not packaged and presented in a way that women love your efforts will NOT generate the maximum results.

    But what happens when you give her a Tiffany Box?

    Everything shifts and you are so loved and appreciated! The same holds true for your business.To create a positive experience for women financial advisors must repackage everything they do including their message and process in a way that inspires women to take the relationship to a much higher level.How female friendly is your office, message and client process?