How Do You Stack Up Making Your Client Experience Special?

You build what you design.

This simple tenet applies whether you’re building a house or building a client experience. And in just the same way, we need a framework – or blueprint – to ensure that the end result is something extraordinary.No doubt you share a goal with other advisors and that is to design a client experience that makes you a magnet for exactly the right clients.And every day you hear about a new idea, strategy or tacticthat will make that happen. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of ideas in this industry. The problem is this. With so many possible ideas, it’s hard to know which are right for your clients and where you should start.

To drive action you need a real framework.

A framework gives you a logical place to start, a connected way to build on the experience you deliver, and a path from the foundational to the extraordinary.You can scroll down to download an assessment to examine your own client experience and identify the gaps you may need to close to differentiate your business, drawing on the on-going research that Absolute Engagement conducts among investors and advisors.Related: 5 Ways Client Engagement Is Being Disrupted

The Client Experience Framework

There are 11 connected steps on the path to an extraordinary client experience. By getting clear on those steps, you not only know what you need to do, but what you need to do next.

The steps are:

  • Define Your Niche or Ideal Client Clearly define who you are designing your client experience to support.
  • Segment Your Clients Segment clients based on the direct and indirect value they bring to your business and define a process to keep ratings up to date.
  • Create Your Service Matrix Map client value to a clearly defined offer, including frequency and form of direct content, scope of education, and appreciation.
  • Assess Capacity and Profitability Assess your service plan and the capacity of each team member, to ensure you have the time and resources to deliver on that plan and ensure that it is profitable.
  • Co-Create the Client Experience Actively involve your team, and then your clients, in defining what an extraordinary client experience looks like.
  • Map out the Client Journey Lay the foundation for a compelling client experience by understanding the client’s journey, and what they are thinking, feeling and doing at each stage to uncover unmet needs.
  • Create Client Communications Plan Create a 12-month plan that reflects what is most important to your clients and how you can best help them meet their unique goals.
  • Structure the Business Around Ideal Client Examine your team, skills, technology, environment, and digital presence from the inside out to ensure the needs of your clients are clearly reflected.
  • Define Core Processes Define and enhance core processes in the business to ensure that they set you apart, engage clients and can be delivered efficiently.
  • Manage Client Expectations Clearly articulate what clients can expect (and what you expect of them) and map out a plan to communicate and reinforce that agreement over time with new and existing clients.
  • Gather Client Feedback Implement a process to assess performance in delivering on or exceeding client expectations and create a plan to leverage feedback results.
  • Click below to download an assessment to examine your current client experience. Your Client Experience AssessmentAn extraordinary client experience is yours to build, one step at a time.

    A Helping Hand

    To learn more about the one-on-one support that Absolute Engagement provides to help you design a client experience that is so engaging your clients can’t help but share it, click here.