How to Network and Meet New People in a Pandemic

While we are isolated and confined to our homes this does not mean business growth should come to a stop. This pandemic is simply challenging the way we think about doing business. 

Yesterday during one of my group coaching calls I was asked by a woman advisor:

“I still need to grow my business, my strength has always been networking and meeting new people. What do I do now?”

Networking while a valuable activity and highly effective for many is a slow process. Meeting individuals and allowing yourself to be seen at different events can be a viable form of prospecting for many, but it does take time.

This pandemic environment has created more meaningful ways to take your networking to a higher (more leveraged) level.

Think about the organizations you belong to, they too want to stay connected to their members, they too don’t want to wait 6 months for their next meeting. Use your contacts to reach out and offer a webinar or a zoom workshop for the members of their organization. It doesn’t have to be about investing 101 or retirement planning, in fact, I would stay clear of those topics. It could be about “hope” ways to find it, and how to nurture it.

Whatever events you have done in the past you can now offer it virtually as your way of giving back to the community. The key is positioning your topic in a way that is attractive and appealing. As you craft your marketing message follow these three steps. Remember this isn’t about YOU but about what others are experiencing, what they need and what they want. 

Consider these questions before reaching out to help: 

What is the Pain point? You must always start with the pain people or members of an organization are experiencing.

  • -Isolation
  • -Fear
  • -Confusion
  • -Boredom

What is the opportunity?

  • -How to nurture hope
  • -How this pandemic will improve our world
  • -How to leverage the financial opportunities now

What are the benefits? (what they will leave with)

  • -More connected
  • -More educated and empowered
  • -More optimistic about the future

Now put this together!

5 Steps to Leveraged Networking:

  1. Craft your message and get crystal clear as to the value.
  2. Call all the organizations you belong to and offer your services as a way to give back to the organization.
  3. Don’t sell yourself, just use this opportunity to get exposure while serving a need in the community.
  4. Start reaching out to other women’s organizations (just google them) in the area and offer your presentation as a way of giving back. You may be surprised how many are constantly looking for guest presenters and topics for their next meeting. Today they need even more help keeping their members connected.
  5. Consider other businesses that can benefit from this process: Non-profit groups, church communities, restaurants, local businesses.

Never before have businesses and organizations need more help. Our current environment is all about how you can add value and help others.

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