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How To Reassure Women In Volatile Markets

With the recent volatility in the markets, women are even more skittish and tentative about their money and investments. This is your opportunity to build a stronger relationship with her. It’s important that you are proactive and intentional in your desire to ease her fears and concerns. Being able to communicate clearly and helping her understand the long-term impact is critical to your long-term relationship.

How to ease a woman's concerns in volatile markets:

1. Let her know you are watching out for her. Call her and let her know you are monitoring the markets and her account and express your confidence in her ability to still achieve her financial goals.

2. Give her a game plan. Don’t just hold her hand and console her let her know what you plan to do and when.

“Mrs Smith, I will be monitoring your account carefully and

  • "If the markets continue to go down I plan to _________________."
  • "When the markets recover I plan to _______________."
  • "I will call/email you again on _________ to discuss further." (Be sure you follow through with your commitment.)
  • 3. Remind her what you have achieved in terms of the growth of her portfolio so that she is reminded of the benefits of being IN the market.

    “Remember over the past 5 years we have grown by 7%, increasing your portfolio by over $______________. We are well-positioned to weather this correction.”

    4. Ask her what else you can do to calm her concerns: “Mrs. Smith is there anything else I can do to ease your fears and concern over your financial future?”

    Be proactive, have a game plan and let her know she can depend on you; this small action can have a significant impact on the growth of your business. You can be a source of comfort to the women in your community.