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It's Never Crowded on the Extra Mile

“Going that extra mile is what I like about Paul” is a quote from a client of a Financial Adviser I surveyed in the past. It’s an interesting statement don’t you think? It’s one we all use but what does it mean and how can you go that extra mile in this industry?

Wayne Dyer observed, “It’s never crowded on the extra mile”. It’s a rarer breed who are willing to go beyond what is required, but that’s what world-class leaders are made of.”

What’s the most crowded marketplace? the one filled with mediocrity unfortunately, or fortunately, depends which way you look at it.

We often hear businesses saying that they deliver on their clients expectations don’t we, you may have said that yourself. But does that just put you in the crowded market or does that elevate you and make you stand out – I don’t think so, I believe that just delivering on your clients expectations is what every Advice business does. To get your clients to say that you go that extra mile means that you do just that, somewhere along the client journey, you have shown them your true value and demonstrated your true expertise. Delivering on clients expectations is no longer a worthy benchmark.

So how do you go that extra mile? I believe it’s about doing the unexpected for your clients, or team for that matter. It’s about creating surprise not just satisfaction.

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So what does the extra mile look like for you? When did someone go that extra mile for you? What did they do?

In what ways could you go beyond expectations and leave a lasting, positive impression?

Does your business culture reward or punish (even subtly) team members who go above and beyond their duty for your clients?

Put some space between you and your competition. A mile would be a good start.