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My 2nd Best Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisers

I’m not really one for having favourites, that said, I do have a few favourite actors one being Morgan Freeman.

Channel surfing the other day, I landed on an old Graham Norton show – Morgan Freeman was one of his guests.

The interview was about promoting new movies; how do you do it, what’s the best way etc.

Morgan Freeman’s response was poetic [to my ears anyway!].

He said, ‘ Word of mouth is the only form of marketing. You can promote all you like, but if you get no reviews, it’s a waste of money.’

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Yes, he was talking about promoting movies, but the same approach goes for financial advice too.

A common mistake made by financial advisers [and other professionals too] is going directly to the market through internet advertising and so forth and not having any reviews.

I know in our house if a movie doesn’t have a particular number of reviews, the boys won’t watch it! How is it in your house?

If your marketing material doesn’t show any reviews of your value, your service and the outcomes you can get for people, like Morgan Freeman says, ‘It’s a waste of money.’

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We all know that gaining new ideal clients is typically achieved through word of mouth. However, I am seeing more and more financial advisers trying to go directly to the market to attract ideal clients. If this is you, please include as many reviews about you as possible.

You can gain reviews on a plethora of platforms now, for example, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and sites set up to rate financial advisers.

Tip: Whenever you get a review ask permission [from that person] to share it on your marketing collateral too.

A promotion without any reviews is a waste of money! Thank you, Morgan Freeman!

What’s the number one marketing activity?