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There is No Better Time to Prospect Than in Volatile Times

That's right! It is in volatile times that people are open to a different approach to protect and grow their money. But you won't be selling growth. You'll be offering better understanding and communication.Non-financial people (most of us) don't want to be making decisions on whether to buy TransCanada or TransUnion. We want to know we'll be okay but not just because someone tells us we will be.We want to understand how our plan (better have one) will get us to where we need to be - not because the numbers add up to a big one.Related: 9 Steps to Success Prospecting WomenWe want to feel better and that means you, the financial advisor, need to talk about what you do - not with a "generic" process - but using real life examples that speak to how you helped a real client feel comfortable that they would get to their very specific goal.That approach works especially well when you talk to people about what you do. And, that ladies and gentlemen is prospecting. Volatile times gives you the opportunity to tell your story at a time people are actually listening.