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One TINY Thing Can Ruin Your Day... If You Let It

Have you ever noticed how all it takes is one, tiny, little, miniscule thing, to set your day off on a different course. It’s an automatic response.

Today, I went to get a one time subway pass. I swiped my credit card, it charged me and then…nothing. No pass, no confirmation…nothing.

So, I tap the screen, swipe my card again, and just as it says “authorizing” my pass drops down. A second later, a second pass drops down.

These passes are not reusable (thanks Septa). They are valid for one day only, and only valid from the point or origin where you purchased the ticket.

It’s important to note, that this is $2.25. Not a fortune, but still irritating to throw away, especially since that additional $2.25 would’ve made an UberPOOL just as inexpensive.

I asked the SEPTA ambassadors what my options are, and sadly, the options were less than ideal. I could call a customer service number to retrieve my $2.25, or I could try selling the ticket to someone else. Great, so now I’m not longer a commuter, but a SEPTA ticket scalper.

In the end, I decided to leave the card for someone else to use but for the next 5-7 minutes, I found myself frustrated.

In the absence of a deliberate attempt to calm my mind, I could’ve let $2.25 shape my entire day. I could’ve been grumpy into the afternoon and possibly evening. What’s the point in that?!

It only takes one tiny thing to set off our automatic “the world is against me and everything sucks” notification. It can color the entire day.

But it also only takes one tiny decision to turn it off.

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