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Are You Perfecting the Wrong Skills?

How much would you be willing to pay to prevent a major client from leaving you? How much time would you be willing to invest to attract one high net worth client?

Are you focused on becoming a great money manager…

You take all kinds of courses to keep up on the changing nature of the advice you provide clients. Some courses are required to maintain your designation or your standing at your dealer. Other courses and books you’ve read have likely covered a breadth of topics including portfolio construction, behavioural economics, technical analysis maybe even derivatives trading. All in an effort to grow your practice.While these courses may improve your skills as a money manager, none will get you a new client and certainly none will help you land people from the most important group of investors that exist today – women.Everything you do should be aimed at becoming more successful, however you define success: financial, personal time, standing in the community, etc… Right?Related: Advisors who “Get It” Will Eat Your Lunch

…but you may be missing the BIG picture?

Women are the largest potential market for wealth managers and will continue to be so as women gain control over more than 60% of all financial assets. And yet, incredibly, advisors continue to ignore the unique needs of female investors, focusing instead on becoming great money managers instead of “relationship managers”. Will you be ready?Will you be skilled at attracting and retaining these women? If you want to learn how, click herefor the most in-depth courses in the industry -- created uniquely for smart financial advisors who want to grow their practice – today!