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Podcasting: 7 Things To Perfect Before You Hit Record

Life can be rather dull at times, and certainly rather too serious as we strive to create content that ‘resonates’ with our audience. So here is a brief story about how I included a story in a presentation for an online conference. I took a risk and did something unexpected and I made people smile. I also attracted their attention, and got them interested in Podcasting.

On 18th May 2017 I was an invited speaker at the International Online Virtual Assistants Conference. I had been invited to speak about Podcasting to the audience of Virtual Assistants. I started planning my presentation ‘Podcasting: 7 Things To Nail Before You Hit Record.’ I had an hour’s slot to fill.

Planning My Presentation About Podcasting

When I was designing and planning my presentation I wanted to make it fun and engaging. We hear about the importance of ‘story telling’ so much thesedays, and of having the confidence to just be ourselves. I also like the creative aspect of creating a presentation – planning the content, the words, the graphics and the layout. I am quite a creative soul at heart!

So I laid out my presentation about podcasting. I highlighted the essential foundations of podcasting. I talked about how important it is to follow a system and have a solid strategy in place before starting to talk into a microphone! And whilst I was doing it I felt the need to include a story at the start. I wanted to quickly highlight the problems that occur when those foundations and strategy are not properly considered before starting.

The Podcast Related Story Emerged From My Brain

I found a series of suitable graphics which illustrated the story beautifully. They also complemented the overall look and feel of the presentation I had already created. I think I can very honestly say that the audience were absolutely not expecting how I started my presentation on podcasting.

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I Won’t Spoil The Surprise For You.

You’ll be glad to know that NO frogs were harmed in the making of this video. :-)

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