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So You Want To… Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an amazing tool to help you reach your audience in real time.

Videos are a powerful way to reach your audience in general, but when you add the real-time element? You’re cooking with gas, baby!

So how can you do this without losing your mind, getting frustrated or creating a product you never want to watch again? With these tips, starting with Production Tips:

Before You Open Facebook Live:

  • Clean your iPhone: Facebook Live only works on mobile devices at the moment. Clean the front-facing camera on your iPhone before you shoot any video.
  • Get a tripod: Even if you’re not Italian, it’s hard to speak without moving your hands at all. When you’re holding your phone, it limits your ability to move and for a live video, that can be a bad thing.
  • Get an iPhone light: Lighting makes ALL the difference. No, really. It’s important to make sure that you’re not backlit when you’re doing your videos and that the light around you is soft. Try this iPhone light to enhance it.
  • Be relaxed! Try out your video once or twice before you hit the live button so that you’re ready and CALM about what you’re going to say. And if you fumble? Laugh it off. This is a great tip for any videos, in general, because it makes it easier to edit out after a laugh than to edit out after 3 or 4 seconds of fumbling.
  • Check your case: If you’re planning to show and tell on your Facebook Live video, make sure your case isn’t in the way.
  • Using Facebook Live:

    This radio icon is how you go live. You can go live on your personal Facebook profile, your Facebook Business Page and in Facebook groups.

    When you’re ready to go live, click on that icon and BOOM, you’re live… well, after you create a title. Facebook will give you time before you’re actually live, in a digital green room of sorts. Once you hit “live,” it is real and ON Facebook.