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Strong Words to Use to Let Your Clients Know How Your Business Operates

We live in interesting times.

There is so much going on in the world; in our everyday lives. Nothing is slowing down. The point of my article today is to talk about governance, compliance, scams, audits all these dry topics [I am a marketing person they are dry!] but topics that I think today are more relevant for you to talk about than ever before.All of us know someone who has been scammed. Many of us know of someone who has had their identity stolen. No wonder we question if we can trust someone let alone a financial services company.Your clients are talking about the Royal Commission. I know because I talk to clients of financial advisersand because financial advisers themselves have told me that their clients have told them! Yet, some advice businesses haven’t been in contact with their clients.Related: This Marketing Campaign Works for Advisers – Copy it!Where is your communication to your clients about your thoughts regarding the Royal Commission?You might rate highly with your clients when it comes to satisfaction scores. You might not have lost any clients recently but let me suggest [recommend] that you take this golden opportunity to talk to your clients about the proactive steps your business is taking to protect your client’s best interest.The words governance, process, systems, audits, compliance are strong words to use to let your clients know how your business operates.In fact, don’t just use them with your clients, use them with your strategic partners too.Tell your clients that you take their privacy seriously and give them comfort by telling them how you do that. Create campaigns to tell them. Share the information on your website. Be proactive, not reactive.When was the last time you told a client that you were audited?