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The #1 Most Productive Business Method for 2015 — Women

If you’re looking to grow your business, inspire more referrals, capture more assets per household and retain more clients then you must place a bigger focus on women. Advisors who shift their marketing and communication strategies to appeal more to the women’s market immediately inspire more attention from women, gain more respect and appreciation from their husbands and simply attract more new clients of both genders. That’s just how it works and how easy it is. You don’t have to make major shifts to generate an impact.

Women want to know you hear them, care about them and are committed to engaging them more consistently so communication is key. All you have to do is incorporate two simple steps:

1. Share Your Story. The single most powerful tool is your story about why you care about women.

Your story can be used with both prospects and clients, it can be shared verbally or in email, posted on your website or on a brochure. Your story is the single most compelling part of your message can be used in every aspect of your marketing and communication and quickly wins the heart of each woman. She needs to know you care more about her and not just about her money and your story tells her why. Here is a great example of a good story and complimentary steps to writing your very own story.

2. Constantly Communicate. Short, fun female focused emails are the best way to inspire more referrals and show women you care about them.

Start sending female friendly communication out to every household (segmenting your book will limit your impact). You want these emails to be short, appealing to women and not overly technical. You want the message to inspire and motivate women while educating and encouraging. You can ask meaningful questions that get women thinking, or perhaps a short quiz that lets women evaluate their understanding of risk or taxes and they may even share their results with you. We have compiled seven great examples of email communication all designed to engage women more effectively and developed libraries of simple but effective emails that women love and makes your job easy.

Make 2015 the year of the woman, let your clients know that you are committed to helping women become more comfortable and confident when making investment decisions. Using your story followed by engaging emails the women will sit up and listen and the husbands will appreciate the attention you are giving their wives.