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The Benefits of Small and Local Marketing Campaigns

I’ve just finished working on a campaign for a Financial Adviser, and the results were terrific. I’ve asked the Adviser if we can share the campaign because it might work for you too; it’s a local area marketing campaign.

The situation

In the local area shopping strip, there is a bookshop. They have a database of people who like to receive notifications of when an Author is coming into the bookstore to sign their new release. The database of contacts is all local people; families and retirees. We approached the bookstore (the Adviser is also on their database and a regular shopper!) to see if we could advertise their next book signing event in the monthly client newsletter the Adviser sends to his clients. The bookstore was extremely grateful because they had the opportunity of advertising the upcoming event to even more people and for the Adviser, it was a great way to inform their clients of a local event that was happening.

We asked the bookstore if it would be possible for the Adviser to give a quick presentation before the book signing began. They thought that was an excellent idea; a value add to those that attended the event – not only did they get to meet the author of the recent release but they also got some financial planning tips too. The Adviser gave a relevant content-rich presentation which all attendees could download from his website.

The result

The bookstore increased their mailing list with even more book lovers and the Adviser gained access to more potential clients in one evening than he has ever done – he now has an excellent list of potential new clients.

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The cost


Sometimes it’s the small marketing campaigns that work the most efficiently. This is a classic joint venture marketing activity – find another business that has a database of people and think of ways in which you can help them and add value at the same time – it’s one of the fastest ways in which you can build a list of potential clients.

Look at putting this simple campaign into your action plan for 2018.